General Immigration Program

Asylum, Residency & Citizenship

“It is extremely important that AI Justice exists to help potential victims of human rights abuses like myself.”

- Javier Echevarria

AI Justice’s Immigration Program provides free legal assistance to vulnerable immigrants who cannot afford to hire an attorney, including people fleeing persecution, those with precedent-setting legal cases and families at risk of separation.  Staff represented clients before the Asylum office, Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Staff provided training and technical assistance to other advocates nationwide who seek our expertise. AI Justice also advocates to protect immigrants’ basic rights and to ensure current policies and practices are fairly implemented at local, regional and national levels.

Over the years, staff has helped thousands of asylum seekers and others obtain permanent residency and citizenship.  Additionally, AI Justice has successfully pushed USCIS to follow its own rules regarding complicated naturalization issues including the process for disabled and oftentimes elderly immigrants.

Staff played a key role to ensure that Haitians eligible for Temporary Protected Status nationwide received effective representation and the program was fairly implemented.  AI Justice staff held trainings for hundreds of advocates to help them assist TPS applicants.  These trainings were a model nationwide.

Recently, AI Justice presented written testimony to the U.S. Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security at a hearing on the DREAM Act and have worked closely with a documentary filmmaker on a DREAM Act film, “DREAM an Immigration Story,” that will be released soon.

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