Newsletter  |  Winter 2013
Vol. 17, Issue No. 1


Within days of President Barack Obama’s re-election, Miami attorney and Republican power broker Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union and AI Justice Honorary Board Member, reached out to AI Justice Executive Director Cheryl Little to discuss the sudden possibility of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform that they have both advocated. Click Here For Daily Business Review Article

AI Justice is poised to play a crucial leadership role in this process in the coming months in the critical state of Florida and nationally by virtue of: its decades of work in the field with immigrants; its strong relationships with Florida labor, business, law enforcement, faith-based, and grassroots organizations; a proven track record in helping draft and monitor the implementation of past immigration legislation; strong relationships with DREAMers; and AI Justice’s strong ties with conservative leaders and access to key Department of Homeland Security, Congressional, and Administration staff, four of whom were formerly with AI Justice,   (The Miami Herald 1/29/13 1A “Florida’s own lawmakers have brought star power and behind the scenes work to the deal.” )

“AI Justice has taken a giant step forward at a time when our country needs advocates walking the halls of Congress to achieve true immigration reform.  They are in a unique position, having been in the trenches for so long, to advocate for our community in need.  I believe that they will be a very viable and important resource in achieving immigration reform in the weeks and months ahead.” -Al Cardenas, AI Justice Honorary Board Member; Chair of the American Conservative Union; and former Chair of the Florida Republican Party