Javier and Dennis

Javier and Dennis, twin brothers from Honduras, made their way to the border alone. Traveling mostly on foot, the boys ran out of food and water during their journey and were forced to drink water from contaminated streams. The brothers undertook this dangerous trip because it seemed their only chance of survival.

Abandoned by their parents and raised by violent and abusive relatives, the boys were not allowed to attend school. Instead they were forced to work in the fields. To escape regular and at times life-threatening beatings, the boys decided to escape. Apprehended by immigration officials in San Antonio, TX, they were detained in a children’s shelter in Miami. While there, AI Justice learned of their circumstances and intervened.

Collaborating with FIU’s Immigrant Children’s Justice Clinic, AI Justice succeeded in having the brothers declared dependent by the juvenile court. AI Justice then helped them petition for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and then to get them a green card.. Now Javier and Dennis are both legal permanent residents and on the path to U.S. citizenship.