Raul, a man who was blinded in a workplace injury, is almost completely dependent on his family for care. Although he has lived in the U.S. for many years and is married to a legal permanent resident, Raul was undocumented. He and his wife have four U.S. citizen children, all of whom are young adults. Due to his eye injury, he requires on-going medical care and special medications.
Raul was detained by immigration authorities and was facing deportation.

Had he been deported, his family would have been forced to choose between Raul returning alone to a country that is almost foreign to him now and where he would have been unable to receive the medical care he urgently needs, or uprooting the family to return with him to a country they do not know and leaving behind their lives here. AI Justice successfully appealed Raul’s order of deportation, enabling his family to remain together and Raul to continue receiving critical medical treatment.