Five year old Alfonso was found screaming, alone in his apartment after his mother had been deported. His father was incarcerated and with no other family that could be located, he was placed in foster care in Miami Dade County. His foster mother, Tamara, decided to legally adopt him. Because Alfonso had been found alone, and was so young, he did not have any identifying documents. His immigration status, nationality and even birth date were uncertain.

The courts could not proceed with the adoption, which would provide Alfonso the family life and stability he so needed until his immigration status was resolved and his identity could be confirmed. AI Justice began an inquiry to determine his status and identity, a difficult and complex process due to the lack of any documentation and the fact that Alfonso had been born in a foreign country. AI Justice was finally able to determine Alfonso’s identity and obtain the documents necessary to prove his status, including a U.S. passport. Because of AI Justice’s work on Alfonso’s behalf, his foster mother was legally able to adopt him.

Alfonso now lives with his foster mother and is thriving, secure in the fact that he will remain with his loving family.