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‘Like sardines in a can’: Complaint alleges medical neglect at Florida ICE detention center – Miami Herald

by Monique Madan, Miami Herald

“The 31-page complaint was filed by Miami-based immigration advocates at Americans for Immigrant Justice and Immigrant Action Alliance, along with seven other immigrant rights organizations. Two dozen detainees said they have experienced inadequate medical care and neglect; lack of hygiene products, sanitation, and PPE; transfers between facilities without quarantine; failure to follow court orders to release individuals from Glades; retaliation for peaceful protest and public reporting; and use of toxic chemical spray in enclosed spaces.

The 25 ICE detainees– most of which took part in the complaint anonymously, fearing retaliation– are calling on ICE to release the 300 detainees currently housed at Glades, starting with those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, and for the U.S. government to cut ties with the detention center.”

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