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Why some Haitian boat refugees are allowed into the U.S. and others are sent back – Miami Herald

by Jacqueline Charles

“Advocates say the fact that they do not know what’s happening with Haitians after they either cross the border or are taken ashore after arriving by boat is frustrating and raises concerns about whether they are getting due process to state their asylum claims.

‘Based on what we are seeing now, I don’t think there is a clear immigration policy,’ said Cassandra Suprin, family defense program director for Miami-based Americans for Immigrant Justice, which works with migrants. ‘We are noticing a pattern. Title 42 is still being applied at the border, people intercepted at sea are being expelled, and people reaching U.S. soil are sometimes processed. Still, we aren’t sure what happens to all of the people and don’t have clarity on why.’

Suprin also said she doesn’t think the administration’s approach toward undocumented Haitians trying to reach the U.S. is going to create a deterrent.

‘At this point, there should be some sort of mechanism to see how they can at least be afforded the opportunity to request for asylum. Given the situation in Haiti, I don’t think what is going on right now is going to deter them,’ she said. ‘There is a political issue in Haiti and this is not going to deter people when they have a genuine fear.’”

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