Pierre is a 12 year old Haitian child. During his short life, Pierre experienced years of abuse and has been repeatedly abandoned. Shortly after his father’s death, his mother placed four-year-old Pierre and his sisters in an orphanage. The massive earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 damaged the orphanage, and, as a result, Pierre was sent into the United States in an humanitarian effort. Though Pierre had not yet found adoptive parents, he was flown to the U.S. along with his sisters who were traveling to be united with the families that were in the process of adopting them.

Pierre was separated from his sisters who were united with their new families in other states. Nine-year-old Pierre was sent to a shelter in Miami. During the 3 years that he has been detained in the shelter, our Children’s Program team has represented Pierre in the long and arduous journey to obtain lawful immigration status and permanency. Now, little Pierre is finally a legal permanent. Pierre now hopes that someday he will find a family who can care for him and adopt him as their own. Whatever happens, he is secure in the knowledge that he has the opportunity to study and work in safety when he grows up.