AI Justice Partners

Americans for Immigrant Justice’s
Community Partners

AI Justice is proud to collaborate with leading social services organizations, foundations, and philanthropic individuals in our joint efforts to create a more just society.

The support of these groups and individuals is critical in providing a holistic and effective suite of services for our clients.

Americans for Immigrant Justice thanks its community partners for their shared commitment to the human rights of immigrants.

Communities Against Hate

Communities Against Hate has created a resource for individuals who have experienced or witnessed a hate incident and may benefit from access to legal resources and social services; and a way to inform the public narrative about incidents of hate across the country, in real time.

Access the Communities Against Hate story/incident form here or call the hotline (1-844-9-NO-HATE or 1-844-966-4283).

Immigrant Children’s Legal and Service Partnership

A human services, legal and policy advocacy network dedicated to safeguarding the best interests, welfare and rights of unaccompanied immigrant children in South Florida.

Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Partners

AI Justice proudly collaborates with partners with social services organizations to ensure that survivors have access to the resources they need to thrive – from legal support to housing and employment assistance.

Community Partners

AI Justice is pleased to work with organizations throughout the community to ensure a holistic response to immigration issues.