Americans for Immigrant Justice

Americans for Immigrant Justice (AI Justice) is an award-winning non-profit law firm that fights for justice for immigrants through a combination of direct representation, impact litigation, advocacy and outreach.

In Florida and on a national level, we champion the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children; advocate for survivors of trafficking and domestic violence; serve as a watchdog on immigration detention practices and policies; fight to keep families informed, empowered and together; and pursue redress on behalf of immigrant groups with particular and compelling claims to justice.

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Americans for Immigrant Justice’s Impact

Since our founding in 1996, AI Justice has served more than 145,000 individuals from 160 countries. AI Justice fights for just and humane immigration laws and practices by publishing groundbreaking reports that provide evidence of civil liberties violations; testifying before Congress; filing lawsuits that change state and national laws; and media outreach.

Our core impact zones include: Championing the Rights of Children; Advocating for Survivors of Trafficking, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault; Observing and Challenging Detention Policies and Practices; Fighting for Families and Long-Time Residents; and Assisting Immigrant Groups with Compelling Claims to Justice

Thank You to All of Americans for Immigrant Justice’s Funders & Sponsors

Our sponsors provide invaluable support to AI Justice. With the help of their generous contributions, we can ensure that thousands of immigrants each year are able to access our critically important legal services.

Americans for Immigrant Justice Needs Your Support.

Volunteer with Americans for Immigrant Justice

Volunteers are integral in ensuring AI Justice’s high quality services are delivered to everyone who needs them. Volunteers can assist AI Justice with the vulnerable populations we serve including unaccompanied children, detained asylum seekers, and families at risk of separation.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities include participating in screening clinics either in a legal capacity or as a general volunteer or interpreter, and representing clients on a pro bono basis through our Pro Bono Program. The support of pro bono attorneys allows us to increase representation to those who need it most. Pro bono attorneys are provided with significant support including trainings, templates, and individualized mentorship.

Americans for Immigrant Justice Needs Your Support