American Immigrants for Justice's Family Defense Program

Family Defense Program

Keeping families together makes our communities safer and stronger.

The Family Defense Program (FDP) responds to the need of low-income immigrant communities by providing education, legal advice, and representation to families with varying immigration statuses and long-time members of the community whose futures are uncertain due to the erosion of immigration protections. We thoroughly evaluate their cases to determine solutions that prevent deportation and preserve their family unit.

Through legal screening clinics and Know Your Rights presentations, the FDP team bridges gaps in access to legal services and dispels rampant misinformation. FDP staff and volunteers travel to remote communities throughout South Florida so immigrants can receive accessible, trustworthy one-on-one legal assistance.

Even those who are not eligible for immigration relief under current laws receive critical information about how to protect themselves against fraud, better understand their rights, and monitor policy changes that could impact their case for relief.

With help from our network of pro bono attorneys and interpreters, staff have served thousands of immigrants, often helping them on their pathway to permanent residency and citizenship. These permanent immigration solutions contribute directly to the economic stability, health, and well-being of immigrant families, which enriches our entire community.

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