Detention Conditions Exposed in Baker County

In November 2012, as part of a nationwide campaign launch coordinated by Detention Watch Network, advocates released a report, “Expose and Close,” designating Florida’s Baker County Jail as one of the ten worst immigration detention centers in the country and detailing the widespread pattern of abuse there. AI Justice took the lead on the investigation of the Baker County facility. The report found that ICE detainees continue to suffer from sexual assaults, substandard medical care, misuse of isolation, excessive use of force, abysmal conditions, and the lack of due process, legal counsel and meaningful oversight.

This report is part of a series of reports and a coordinated effort to highlight ten detention centers across the nation that sheds light on the appalling conditions immigrants in detention face, including Etowah County Detention Center (AL), Pinal County Jail (AZ), Houston Processing Center (TX), Polk County Detention Facility (TX), Stewart Detention Center (GA), Irwin County Jail (GA), Hudson County Jail (NJ), Theo Lacy Detention Center (CA), Tri-County Detention Center (IL), and Baker County Jail (FL).