Man in detention center

Federal complaint claims ‘a living hell’ for immigrants inside ICE’s Baker County Detention Center – Florida Times-Union

by Dan Scanlan

“Andrea Jacoski, a director with Americans for Immigrant Justice, said her team saw abuses during site visits and heard more during interviews with clients detained there.

‘We have authored reports and complaint letters throughout the years alerting ICE and the Baker County Sheriff’s Office staff, who oversee the detention center, of the egregious human rights violations occurring at the facility,’ Jacoski said in the Freedom for Immigrants news release.

‘The continued disregard of the rights and welfare of people detained at Baker proves that ICE and Baker County Sheriff’s Office are unable and unwilling to address these abuses that have been ongoing for years,’ she continued. ‘The only way to protect people from further harm is for ICE to immediately release all detained there.’”

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