Influx of boat voyages prompts “Ukrainian treatment” call for Haitian refugees – Haitian Times

by Ashley Miznazi

“Cassandra Suprin of Americans for Immigrant Justice in Miami said she has seen a double standard between the priority of Black and brown refugees compared to white.

‘We do support the U.S. response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis,’ said Suprin, the organization’s Family Defense Program director. ‘We just wish that such assistance can be offered to other nationalities; Afghans, Central Americans and Haitians.’

The Biden administration launched a support effort called Uniting for Ukraine, welcoming Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion to the country. Similar to European countries’ policies, the U.S accepts people from Ukraine directly. It grants Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which allows people facing emergencies in certain home countries to live and work in the U.S., to anyone arriving from Ukraine before April 11.The U.S. also provides access to humanitarian parole, which allows them to work.

This treatment differs from that given to Haitians who try to arrive by sea or cross the land border. Most in the latter group are put under Title 42, expelling them from the U.S. before allowing the opportunity to express fear of going back to their home country.

Some Haitians do get processed under the Immigration Nationality Act, but must fight for a credible fear interview despite there being documented political turmoil in Haiti, Suprin said. If granted refugee status, they need a relative in the U.S. to complete the process.

‘There’s a lot of distinction, given how the U.S. responded to the Ukrainian situation,’ said Suprin. ‘It’s hard to think there’s not a distinction compared to the Afghan refugee response down to Central America.’

With the political turmoil in Haiti, Americans for Immigrant Justice is preparing for more arrivals.”

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