RECORDING: Advocates Respond to DeSantis’ Cruel Relocation Program, Call on Governor to “Extend a Hand of Love”

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February 16, 2023

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TALLAHASSEE – On Thursday, Feb. 16, Florida and national leaders responded to Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature’s decision to create an expanded relocation program that will allow the Florida Division of Emergency Management (“DEM”) and law enforcement to hunt and target migrants anywhere in the U.S., including Florida, and relocate them to states other than Florida. A recording of the webinar is available here, and a backgrounder from SPLC is available here.

Monseigneur Jean Fritz Bazin with the Episcopalian Archdiocese in Little Haiti issued a “call to all faith communities to remember the commitment to welcome and treat immigrants, referred to as ‘aliens in our midst,’ with fairness and compassion. There is room for many more in this land and in this state, if we would only extend a hand of love. We call on the governor to reconsider and listen to the voice of the one who created us and loves us all.”

Said Luis Sousa-Lazaballet for the Hope CommUnity Center: “Despite being here in the U.S. for more than 20 years and having had almost every immigration status you could think of — student visa, H(1)(b), a green card and finally that blue passport, U.S. citizenship — after 20 years I could still be seen as a second class citizen. I find that, quite frankly, repulsive.”  

Paul Namphy, Lead Organizer with Family Action Network Movement (FANM) added: “Folks on the far right eyeing the White House are trying to outdo each other, that’s what we saw with the 50 Venezuelans in Martha’s Vineyard. This a race to the bottom, a lack of compassion or rather, anti-compassion.” 

Tessa Petit, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition said: “By signing this bill into law, Gov. DeSantis continues to use much-needed state resources to fund his political stunts. This is a confirmation that our state legislature is, once again, not prioritizing the people of Florida, and is making immigrants targets of hate and injustice, those same people who fled their homes in search of help and safety. To all Floridians, I invite you to call your senators and house representatives and tell them what those dollars can do in your community, and help them better govern our Florida. I challenge Floridians from all areas of the state, regardless of your party affiliation, to see the good and the humanity of people who are fleeing horrible conditions and stand to protect them by voicing your disapproval of this bill.”

“This so-called ‘Relocation Program’ will further an agenda that harms us all,” said Felipe Sousa-Lazaballet, executive director, Hope CommUnity Center. “Immigrants are an integral part of our state. At Hope CommUnity Center, we know firsthand the impacts of policies that create fear in the immigrant community. Floridians need true leadership that unifies us. It is time for Gov. DeSantis to use our resources to support struggling Floridians instead of targeting asylum seekers.”

Added Shalyn Fluharty, executive director of Americans for Immigrant Justice: “Treating human beings with dignity and respect is a bipartisan value, as is avoiding confusion, chaos and disorder in our immigration system. Gov. DeSantis’s relocation program hinders every attempt to create a fair, humane and orderly immigration process, while using public funds to indiscriminately target individuals based upon their race and national origin. Floridians deserve a government that works for them, protects the constitutional rights of all Florida residents and utilizes valuable taxpayer dollars to invest in our communities.”

Watch the webinar here and read this backgrounder from SPLC.


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