Nouvèl & Istwa sou Siksè

American Immigrants for Justice's Family Defense Program

Nouvèl & Istwa sou Siksè

Depi AI Justice te fonde an 1996, nou triyonfe sou anpil batay difisil. A nivo endividyèl ak estriktirèl, anplwaye nou yo te konbat san rete pou pwoteje ak soutni dwa imigran yo. Li plis sou siksè nou yo!

Family Defense Program

Americans for Immigrant Justice Needs Your Support

We need your support to continue championing the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children; advocating for survivors of trafficking and domestic violence; serving as a watchdog on immigration detention practices and policies; fighting to keep families informed, empowered and together; and pursuing redress on behalf of immigrant groups with particular and compelling claims to justice.

Enskri jodi a pou w resevwa nouvèl ki resan de Americans for Immigrant Justice.